Saturday, 2 July 2011

Along Came Nadal.

Neutral Omes

(Pic: AP Photo)
On the 1st of July 2011 Andy Murray prepared to take on Rafael Nadal - 10 time Grand Slam champion; a record 19 Masters 1000 titles; Wimbledon defending champion and firm candidate of the ‘greatest of all time’ discussion. The Scotsman had had by far his best season to date, making a final and two semi-finals out of the Grand Slams that'd gone by. 
Ok he was outplayed in Australia, but that happened to be the scene of Novak Djokovic’s winning expedition; and yes he suffered a lull after the loss, but that was only to be expected. The fact that he was able to produce enviable clay court results – clay being a surface that he has wrestled with in the past; and transition onto the grass with a trophy in his pocket, was enough evidence to show that his game had indeed enjoyed some non-trivial growth. And it’s not only his physical game that matured, but his attitude and mental strength. The shouts and complaints became more and more channelled into self-encouragement.

Taking all that into consideration there did seem to be a cloud of increased optimism surrounding the British number one going into the match; seizing a semi-final win from the defending champion seemed...well, doable. And what’s more, having now made his third semi-final at Wimbledon, he could add experience to his list of strengths.

And all that game, mentality, optimism and experience – he succeeded in transporting into the first set and three games. Quite emphatically.
But then along came Nadal.

(Pic: Reuters)
Somewhat assisted by an inexplicable slump in Murray’s form, the defending champion rose to play that brutal, exhausting, relentless game that he inevitably brings to the big stage. Andy became another one of Nadal’s mignons. Once the Spaniard became alert to the tiny crevice of opportunity that presented itself, he pried it open with a few forehands and produced the gob-smacking type of tennis that we’re now accustomed to seeing him do on grass.

From then on, he kindly reminded us why he’d been in four previous finals; why he’d kissed the trophy twice; and why the only man to deny him his gold in the other half of those finals was a man who for the majority of his career literally couldn’t lose at SW19.

Nadal will now face the only other player who has matched and indeed surpassed his level this season. Both have the uncanny ability to produce magnificence on a court. Novak Djokovic has already achieved one half of his childhood dream by becoming the new no. 1. 

The other awaits him; but so does Nadal.

Friday, 1 July 2011

HELP HELP!!! (Men's Semi-finals)

Fanatic Omes:

Hello one and all.

OOP today:

Match of the day: guess.

Nerviose. That's what I am. Muzz today has arguably has the best chance he's ever had against Rafa. But if Rafa should lose (: O) whilst I may invevitably cower in the corner of my bathroom floor in the foetal postion and rock back and forth to shake off the events of the day; I will nevertheless find the strength to carry on, as I'll be super happy for Muzz! 

But that's not going to happen >: (


Oh and Nole/Tsonga should be fun. Adje Nole.

(Pic: unknown source - Omes Tennis does not take credit for it)

Alistair Mcgowan's Wimbledon Impressions: HIGHLARIOUS!

Fanatic Omes:

Alistair McGowan (British comedian who does CRAYZAY good impressions) takes on Jonny Mac, Rafa, Muzz and Boris Becker. Seriously this is GOLD.

He did more but no one's uploaded them yet. If it does come up, on here they will go. Chortle chortle chorlte.

(Vid: britishtennislta)

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ladies' Semis

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Match of the day: Sharapova vs Lisicki - 2nd on centre

Tis a shame that these two have to play each other in the semi-finals. They would have made for a cracking final. Oh well. How shriek-centric would it be if Vika and Sharapova made the finals : s? Over to you mute button.

Oh and hands up who thinks that the women should play best of 5 set matches in grand slam finals??


Hey party people!

So Neutral Omes doesn't have time for match analysis at the moment, so here is a picture of a mother giraffe kissing its baby's head. 


Touching. Oh yeah and Fanatic Omes is super stoked about Rafa's win and may wake up in sweats periodically during the night because of the foot wich homeboy cannot even feel right now! But then will have to remember the wise words of Uncle Toni: "If the world didn't sleep easy because Rafa has a problem it would be the most crazy thing ever."

...And perspective is back. (It's not).

Now here are things to read:


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Wednesday of Wonder (and a bit about Tomic)

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Howdy partners.

OOP today:

Match of the day: Djokovic vs Tomic - 1st on court 1.

I would like for Djoker to do this to Tomic (warning graphic (ish) content):

Ok I don't want him to  actually shoot a pack of cards at his brain; only metaphorically speaking. And it's only because I have a problem with young folks just walzting in and pwning the big dogs right away. They need to learn respect first. Think of it as hazing >: )

Anyway Tomic is a serious talent and will no doubt get to champion status if he keeps this up. Just not right away please. Let my boys do their thang in peace.

(Vid: MortalKombatBlackout)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

You Guys!!!

Neutral/Fanatic Omes:

*1000 kisses from you is never too muuuucccchhhhhhhh...*

Omes Tennis now has over 1000 views. Wowzers. Thanks to my 5 friends who have each clicked on it 200 times. 

No seriously thank you so much guys!!! Both my neutral and fanatic sides will try to continue to post fun/interesting tennis happenings as much as possible. And shirtless pictures of Rafa. Always shirtless pictures of Rafa. 

Thanks guys! : D

Love Omes x x x


Ladies Quarters and Rafa Madness

Update!: Rafa is ok! He posted this on his facebook:

"Good morning everybody. Yesterday after the match I went to take an MRI at a London hospital. During the match I thought I had something serious but as the match went through the pain got better and thankfully the tests don't show an injury. Today I will practice at 4.30 pm and I'll play tomorrow. Thanks all for the support."

Egadz! (as Archie would say). No more scares please Rafito. Ok back to watching tennis work.
Hey guys OOP for today:

I'd just like to take the time to say WHAT THE HELL WAS MONDAY ALL ABOUT???? Jeez. I took the meaning of depressed to new heights when Rafa hurt his foot, he looked how he looked in the Ozzie open - it was gut-wrenching! But then he WON : ). Delpo kinda blew it too. Anyway last night he said he'd get back to training today so he must be ok right??? Please please 1000 times please.

Match of the day: Bartoli vs Lisicki - 1st on centre

Monday, 27 June 2011

Monday Mayhem

Buenos dias muchachos.

OOP for Monday Mayhem:

I'm not worried for any of my boys, they should all be ok. And I know Rafs is playing Delpo blah blah but he's had some practice playing with no rhythm with the No Rhythm King (Muller).

Well we made it through the awkward Sunday of no tennis. Let's get back to bidness.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Round Three at the All England Club

Neutral Omes:

Andy Murray had to work hard against an aggressive Ljubicic to claim his match in four sets. The Scot even threw in one of his newly famed through the leg volley winners at 15-40 down on one of the Croat’s games. Afterwards he exclaimed he was pleased he made the shot, for fear of looking like a “plonker”. After losing concentration to get broken whilst serving for the match, the world no. 4 re-focussed and played an impressive tie-break to seal the victory. Up next for him is tricky Frenchman Richard Gasquet who took him two five sets three years ago in a famous resurgence from Murray from two sets down. Murray d. Ljubicic 64 46 61 76

Rafael Nadal overcame a solid serving performance from tough opponent Gilles Muller, who had actually beaten the Spaniard at Wimbledon in 2005. The top seed was pleased to come through the match in straights, admitting that the he was lucky in the first two sets, which he felt could have been anyone’s game. He will now take on Juan Martin del Potro in what usually proves to be an enthralling match up. Nadal d. Muller 76 76 60

Roger Federer dominated former rival David Nalbandian from start to finish, backing up his claim that he’s “always hungry” and letting us know that “it doesn't come in phases.” He’ll try to satisfy that persistent hunger by taking on 18th seed Mikhail Youzhny in the fourth round. Federer d. Nalbandian 64 62 64

Novak Djokovic was content to “win ugly” against Marcos Baghdatis in a thrilling evening match. Tension rose during the match and the Serb took to one of his racquets (smashing it three times) to release it. Despite “not feeling good” he was able to play the important points well, and in the end he reigned in his emotions which allowed him take the match in four sets. He will now play Michael Llodra who had never previously progressed past the 2nd round at Wimbledon till but nonetheless is confident in his attacking form at the moment. Djokovic d. Baghdatis 64 46 63 64


Venus Williams powered through her third round match against the Spanish Maria Jose Martinez conceding a mere two games. Despite the thwarting, the former five times champion is ready to take her level up a notch as she approaches the business end of the championships: "This is the fourth round. Now I'm ready to bring my best game and my best competition." Williams d. Jose Martinez 60 62

Serena Williams dominated Maria Kirilenko from the baseline in her finest, and first straight sets performance of the championships so far. The American revealed that she’d finally settled into her rhythm and as a result was able to play more relaxed. Looking an ever more convincing prospect, her next opponent 9th seed Marion Bartoli will have to rely on the fighting spirit she had to battle Flavia Penetta in a three hour encounter if she is to trouble Williams. Williams d. Kirilenko 63 62

Gentlemen’s shocks: 8th seed and former finalist Roddick overpowered by Spain’s Feliciano Lopez; Bernard Tomic defeating 5th seed Robin Soderling in straight sets.

Gentlemen’s thriller: An inspired Baghdatis pushing Djokovic to four sets.

Ladies’ shock: 6th seed Francesca Schiavone losing to 80th seed Tamira Paszek.

Ladies’ thriller: Marion Bartoli overcoming Flavia Pennetta, 9-7 in the third, in an encounter that lasted over 3 hours.

Just got back from Wimbledon

Fanatic Omes:

So I went to Wimbledon today! I was on court 1 meaning I saw my husband Rafa which is something I long for that was nice. And also Serena – which was an AWESOME sight. The girl can PLIZZAY. And then I saw Tomic take out Soderling. Kids ey?

The public ballot had mercy on us meaning we didn’t have to queue. And of course as a result, we looked upon all the wretched non-tickets holders with disdain and disgust.

We ate too much, fulfilled our predictability quota by indulging in strawberries & cream and Pimms and just generally had a gay ol’ time.

It was almost torturous watching the first set of Rafito’s match because of Ace McGee who was insistent on being the most boring best he could be. He barely let Rafa do his thang. I was face-palming all the way to the strawbs and cream queue. But then the poor sucker dropped the second set tie-break and a large section of him died. Hence the 06 set. But I still maintain Rafa finally managed to get a read on his serve. Possibly because I think the sun shines out of Rafa’s bottom. 

Conclusion: I like that I am a member of this Golden Era and not the one before. I like rallies. They show athleticism, brains and will. None of this serve, serve, serve nonsense. Unless Rafa does it.

My only criticism is the crowd’s loyalties. I know not everyone likes the William sisters but at points in the match there were times when literally my sister and I were the only ones applauding her winners. And then Kirilenko would get roars upon roars, and some even cheered Serena’s mistakes. While I’m totally up for everyone cheering on whomever they deem worthy, I do feel there has to be a level of respect maintained for, I don’t know, perhaps a 4 time Wimbledon champ with 13 Slams in total. I don’t think that’s asking too much. 

Oh yeah and the same was done to Nole (on Murray Mount – yeah it’s Murray Mount for me always.) – homeboys and girls were solely cheering on Bahgdatis. Anyway whatever.

And now I’m having post-Wimbly lows. And I can’t eat my feelings ‘cause I have no food. And worse, there’s that awkward Wimble Sunday of no tennis – where tennis fans wait to die.

Oh Monday how I yearn and pine for you!

More photos after the jump break.