Saturday, 23 July 2011

More Happy.


Happy is needed.

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It's been an awful couple of days for many. We need happy times. Thus:

Captured by NadalNews, recommended by Andy Murray.


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I suppose I should post the photo of bald FerVer, but I don't wannnnnt to.

Meh, maybe it'll grow on me. Pun intended.

I Got Minez! (Rafa's book that is.)

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Yes folks, it's happening! I've already done a fangirl and pre-ordered mine. The book is aptly named: Rafa. It comes out in August and Rafito promises to kindly release the first chapter soon for our reading pleasure.

I wonder what on earth Rafa could be capable of unveiling in an entire book's-worth considering he's quite the private hombre. Gives a whole new meaning to "we will see what's goin on", no?

(Pic: Rafa's fbook)

Thursday, 21 July 2011


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*I hope I'm not coming across as a Nole hater atm, but as someone who thinks Rafa is literally the best thing since organic, seedy, sliced bread, you see my predicament...

(Pic: chtariq on Flixr)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pico On Camera

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Juan "Pico" Monaco lovingly treated the tennis twitterverse with an 18-minute live stream. Conclusion: He is adorbz. With a 'z'.

What we learn from the stream:
  • It's Pico's first time live-streaming
  • Pico will not dance for his live audience
  • Pico says Rafa will join twitter
  • Pico believes Rafa will break twitter
  • Pico shouldn't even think of cutting his hair
To watch the stream vid, click here.
For a translation of the vid, follow @onthegotennis on twitter - she'll publish the best parts.


(Pic: Pico's twitcam page)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Cool Wimbledon Movie Posters

This is NOT one of the posters. I am currently bored at work. Clickety click the linkety link.
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How much awesome do these Wimbly posters contain? A lot. A lot of awesome.

(Thanks to NadalNews for the link)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

DROOL (Rafa playing golf!)

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Rafa is playing a mini-golf tournament in Mallorca. Dun he look pweedy? And so dapper! If Rafa moves onto golf after his retirement, now wouldn't that just be something? I wouldn't have to pick up the pieces of my soul till much later.

(Pic: RafaelNadalFC twitter)