Friday, 7 October 2011

Upon my word, this is cute.

Fanatic Omes:

Uterus is happy.

(Pic: Tiurong Huatrust)

Marat Ma-wrong!

Fanatic Omes:

Marat Safin has been running his big mouth of late, claiming that little sis Dinara's career had all but come to an end due to the back problems she's sustained for the past two years. 

While Dinara's made no secret of her injury woes telling ESPN:

"Right now when I have this back pain, I don't think [of returning] at all. I'm sick of this pain." 

She also made this clear: "But I don't want to say officially that I'm going to retire."

Which is why Marat isn't helping matters by gobbing all over the place. Dinara's a big girl, she'll retire when she wants to retire and she'll say she's retiring when she wants to say she's retiring. And she seems to reiterate that sentiment somewhat passive aggressively. (Ok not passive aggressively at all - very nicely):

It takes a lot for an attractive man to incur the wrath of women, believe you me, but Marat's managed to do it. Well done Marat, as punishment there will be no watching of YouTube videos of you for two days.

What's that? You look like this?

...Ok I forgive you.