Saturday, 21 January 2012

In the thick of it.

Fanatic Omes:

16 people left in each draw. 1 for every hour I slept last week.

Ladies' match of the day: Lisicki vs Sharapova; 1st night match on Laver

Men's match of the day: Djokovic vs Hewitt; last night match on Laver

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Aussie Open 3rd round thoughts

Fanatic Omes:

Tournament faves

Andy Murray was on another level somewhere in space against his EXO against Llodra. The shotmaking from both was CRAY but literally everything Llodra, - who had to serve so many hotdogs, you'd think he had his own stand - everything Llodra hit at Muzz came back with, as Serena would say, aplomb. There were outrageous volleys, lobs, passes and even a backwards roll from Muzzard to claim the 2nd set. Guys Andy was enjoying himself out there. Uh oh.

Nole is still crushing it. Keep the line moving, nothing to see here. Ditto for all my women faves.

Rafa Report

Rafa's serve is giving me happies. 81 % first serves in, during the match against Lacko? Yes please, I'll have fries and a coke zero with mine. And he still hasn't dropped a set. All is well.

The Future of Men's Tennis

If you were ever wondering what the outcome of two of the most idiosyncratic characters on the tour playing each other was like, you got your answer in the 3rd round Dolgo/Tomic clash. And that answer was probably the most thrilling match of the tournament so far. 

I know I'm probably in the minority but I'm down with the current men's game. It's strong, it's fast, it's powerful - that's how I like my sports. I like muscle (both figuratively and physically.) Don't get me wrong variety is just as important, but are you saying Roger, Rafa, Nole, Andy Tsonga - I could go on - don't have variety in their game? Exactly. 

I do prefer Dolgo's game to Tomic's - there are more "out-of-nowhere" shots and there's a lot more creativity. Tomic on the other hand doesn't hide the fact that he plays junk tennis. It may be skilled, but it's messy, sleepy and not as pretty. Don't get me wrong - he's going to grow up to be fantastic (lest he stops the cheating), but if he's the future of men's tennis, count me out. Junk tennis belongs in the trash. 

Regardless, I'm looking forward to his showdown with Roger.


Nico Almagro is in the 4th round guys, and according to caropaquin80, has made it this far at the AO for the past 3 years! I know. He defeated Stan in straights, the sneaky mofo. Another character trundling along nicely is Berdych who no one seems to be talking about. They play each other next so one of them will be sneaking their way out.

Chicas in pain

Anabel Medina Garrigues after the long wait for Dolpo/Tomic retired in tears during her match against Li Na, after taking a step wrong and twisting her ankle. Eurosport of course didn't fail to replay the moment over and over - thanks guys. Kiri after a highly anticipated 3rd rounder with Kvitty also had to bow out with a groin injury. Both ladies showed courage and tried to play on for a bit but their bodies just didn't let them. Get well soon girls.

Aussie glory

Bet you didn't think there'd be two Aussie heroes flying the flag this far, or at least you didn't think one of them wouldn't be Samantha. Hewitt showed a somewhat flat Milos how it was done in 4 sets, and I'm sure is really pleased that he's making this comeback on home soil. 


Go ahead and watch the video above if you haven't yet - oh, it's worth it. At least from 2:46 minutes in.

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Friday, 20 January 2012

Onwards and upwards and all around.

Fanatic Omes:

Between Nalbandian's challenge controversy/alleged water throwing, Baghdatis' racquet demolition, Vika's line judge tantrum and Tomic's cheating, there's been so much drama at this Aussie Open, that I really didn't need to watch that episode of Revenge.

Ladies' match of the day: Kirilenko vs Kvitova; 1st on Laver

Men's match of the day: Raonic vs Hewit; last on Laver

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Aussie Open 2nd Round Report

Fanatic Omes:

Rafa Report

The hypercritical fan in me still wants him to hit the ball harder. I guess it's good that he's been stretched well enough early. (Taking what I can get here.)

Tournament faves

Nole and Andy and are doing really well - nothing to see here, keep moving. Kvitty had her first scare coming from a break down in the 2nd set against Suarez-Navarro but good thing is that she can win when she's playing ugly. She's gonna need that skill if she wants to play with the cool kids.

Crusing ladies

There's obviously a massive gap between the leading ladies and the rest of the field. With just 28 games lost between the lot of them after the 2nd round, Kimmie, Na, Vika, and Serena are just steamrolling ahead. This makes me very excite.

Angry men

Fish has been exhibiting some unpleasant behaviour of late and he brought along the bad attitude to the Ausso. Apparently dear Mardy was so irate at one point during his match against Alenjandro Falla (which he lost in straights) that he actually spat at fans! It's such a shame - it's like his 2011 season never happened. What's going on witchu Mardy?

We've all seen that video of Baghdatis breaking 4 racquets in a row after his 4 set loss to Stan (hey, 1 for each set!). But was it all a dig the racquet manufacturers? Probably not. But a good effort from Forbes on that story.

Then there was the whole Nalbandian challenge controversy where... oh do I really need to explain it again? Just click here to watch the video. Anywhoo it was most unfair. The call didn't lose Nalby the match though - it just robbed him of an opportunity to win it. But before we crucify Kader Nouni let's remember that he just made a mistake at work. If we had to be investigated every time we made mistakes at work... well we'd just be being investigated a lot. Yeah.

Closing remarks

Peace out.

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Let's keep it moving.

Fanatic Omes:

Competition heats up with seeds sprouting up to play each other. It's still really weird that someone is definitely going to win this thing. Sorry that didn't make much sense, I'm a wee bit sleep deprived. But you get it.


Ladies' match of the day: Clijsters vs Hantuchova; 4th on Hisense

Men's match of the day: Dolgopolov vs Tomic; 4th on Laver


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Aussie Open First Round Blather

Fanatic Omes:

My favourites

Nole is looking good enough to defend his title. His outfit however is not. Too many colours and patterns bro. My favourite part was when he got broken in the 3rd game and my twitter timeline started talking about his demise.

Andy also came through nicely enough. I didn't watch the match but no eyebrow raising from me - Harrison ain't an easy first round opponent.

Kvitty and Vika killed it. Dead. They be looking goooood, but we'll know more when they encounter more difficult opponents. (Obvious statement of the year.) Oh and I'm not a fan of Vika's shorts, she looks like she's in practice. Bring back the baby doll dress Viks.


Can Rafa please give his fans some peace of mind just once? Busted shoulders; crack-y knees. Jeez Louise. Please Rafa, do it for us. He totes rocked out his match though; and apparently was moving well in practice so you know, yay.


If it was noticeably darker in Melbourne Park it's because Verdasco, who proceeded to wear the Sun, went out to Tomic in 5 sets. Well we knew it would be interesting. Where he goes from here, I don't know but homie needs to make some changes fast - the demise is unnecessary. 

Ay nooo Samantha! Maybe Sam should see a sports psychologist because it's been downhill since the USO and frankly, she's better than this.

Other important observations

What's up with the Brits? Five out at once in the 1st round, with no sets for any of them. Come on Britannia. Rule Britannia.

What are those gargantic bugs that keep landing on court? They're making me shudddder.

Having shielded my eyes from Jo Willy's shoes, Masha's straps and Verdasco, I can safely say the theme for this Aussie Open is: BRIGHT.

(Vid: carlpcurran on YouTube)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Oi Oi Oi

Fanatic Omes

Hands up who feels like the blood has been drained from their body? And it's only day 2. Oh the life of a fan.


Ladies' match of the day: Stosur vs Cirstea; 3rd on Laver

Men's match of the day: Murray vs Harrison; 3rd on Hisense

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