Saturday, 7 January 2012

Zheng Jie is totally ballin.

Fanatic Omes:

Consider the dirt on Zheng Jie's

(Vid: ASBClassicvideo on YouTube)

A letter to 2012.

Fanatic Omes:

Hi 2012, it's nice to finally meet you. As a Rafa fan, I've been willing you to arrive for some time. You signal so much for me - hope, dreams, wonder. You erase the ugliness of the past and allow for a clean slate. Because of you we can say "what 6 finals?" and "Novak who?". Indeed you let us dream of that 11th or 12th or even 13th piece of Slam silverware. It's you who can alter the path of our favourite Scottish GOATNTWAS (and encourage him to get back on Twitter).

You bring forth hope of varied court speeds and minimal injuries. You allow the excitement of fresh faces, underdogs and up-and-comers to bubble under. And stories of heroes and heroines overcoming their obstacles to taste glory once again. It's you who could say to Kvitova - "new young one - go and reign" and you who can draw out the magic from Milos, Sabine and Anastacia. You allow us to dream of a time were Monfils plays like he has a brain.

You're even throwing in the challenge of the Olympics for good measure. Mixing things up like the cheeky chappy you are. The answer to whether Roger can retire a happy man with that gold medal under his belt lies in you.

It's in you that tennis on Twitter could have its biggest and baddest year yet. With humblebraggers, oversharerers, controversy kings and the like. And no doubt more and more phenomenal superfans.

Yes, you've got so much promise, 2012. But don't kill your players; don't be that guy. Spare Roger, Kim, Serena, Marin, Sabine and Julia G. Fulfil your destiny and shine. 

Shine, 2012, SHINE.