Monday, 5 December 2011

Rafa pranks Ferru

Fanatic Omes:

It must be love.

(Vid: RafaNadalOfficial on YouTube)

Davis Cup 2011 thoughts

Fanatic Omes:

Can I just use this opportunity to say, um, WOOP. I'm so pleased - this is exactly what Rafa needed! After a tumultuous year full of darkness, anger and despair (#blameNovak) us Rafa fans at least got the end we were hoping for.

It was a rollercoaster-tastic match. In the first game when Rafa was getting broken left right and centre, that feeling of misery echoed in those 6 finals resurfaced and it was horrific (#blameNovak). I thought the unthinkable would happen. A loss in front of a home crowd final on clay after the year Rafa had had would have, at the risk of sounding dramatic, destroyed him. (Bearing in mind Abu Dhabi starts at the end of this month.)

But that didn't happen and even though he final set had more breaks than holds of serve (was there even one??), I was confident that Rafa would take it in the tie break. I hope at that moment he too "let go of the fear" (#blameNovak) for 2012.

Anyway if Rafa gets an A for his part in the DC final, Daveeeeed (Ferrer) get's an A+, MVP and Man of the Match because he really did pull it out the bag for Spain.* That win against Delpo was just courageous. And I'm just gonna go ahead and choose to ignore what the hombres were saying about retiring from DC next year.  Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala.

Finally let's just all give a cyber group hug to Delpo who fought his arse off out there - it's not easy to convince people that you actually had an extremely realistic shot at winning Rafael Nadal on an important best of 5 clay final in from on a home crowd. It really wouldn't have been surprising if Delpo pulled off that match. (Well, it would have but you know what I mean). And it must be gut-wrenching thinking you'd lost it (twice) for your country. I guess our B.F.G can take solace in the fact that he's hitting the ball cray cray and everyone should be very afraid next year. And Nalby, oh Nalby. Watching him rehabilitate himself on twitter is giving me sadz, but he knows what Argentina accomplished and what he accomplished for them and he and he seems fine.

So that's all from our overworked and overpaid tennis boys for what, 3 weeks? Tennis never ends.

*Fernando also gets an A for being captain of cheer camp.