Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Aussie Open First Round Blather

Fanatic Omes:

My favourites

Nole is looking good enough to defend his title. His outfit however is not. Too many colours and patterns bro. My favourite part was when he got broken in the 3rd game and my twitter timeline started talking about his demise.

Andy also came through nicely enough. I didn't watch the match but no eyebrow raising from me - Harrison ain't an easy first round opponent.

Kvitty and Vika killed it. Dead. They be looking goooood, but we'll know more when they encounter more difficult opponents. (Obvious statement of the year.) Oh and I'm not a fan of Vika's shorts, she looks like she's in practice. Bring back the baby doll dress Viks.


Can Rafa please give his fans some peace of mind just once? Busted shoulders; crack-y knees. Jeez Louise. Please Rafa, do it for us. He totes rocked out his match though; and apparently was moving well in practice so you know, yay.


If it was noticeably darker in Melbourne Park it's because Verdasco, who proceeded to wear the Sun, went out to Tomic in 5 sets. Well we knew it would be interesting. Where he goes from here, I don't know but homie needs to make some changes fast - the demise is unnecessary. 

Ay nooo Samantha! Maybe Sam should see a sports psychologist because it's been downhill since the USO and frankly, she's better than this.

Other important observations

What's up with the Brits? Five out at once in the 1st round, with no sets for any of them. Come on Britannia. Rule Britannia.

What are those gargantic bugs that keep landing on court? They're making me shudddder.

Having shielded my eyes from Jo Willy's shoes, Masha's straps and Verdasco, I can safely say the theme for this Aussie Open is: BRIGHT.

(Vid: carlpcurran on YouTube)

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