Friday, 20 January 2012

Aussie Open 2nd Round Report

Fanatic Omes:

Rafa Report

The hypercritical fan in me still wants him to hit the ball harder. I guess it's good that he's been stretched well enough early. (Taking what I can get here.)

Tournament faves

Nole and Andy and are doing really well - nothing to see here, keep moving. Kvitty had her first scare coming from a break down in the 2nd set against Suarez-Navarro but good thing is that she can win when she's playing ugly. She's gonna need that skill if she wants to play with the cool kids.

Crusing ladies

There's obviously a massive gap between the leading ladies and the rest of the field. With just 28 games lost between the lot of them after the 2nd round, Kimmie, Na, Vika, and Serena are just steamrolling ahead. This makes me very excite.

Angry men

Fish has been exhibiting some unpleasant behaviour of late and he brought along the bad attitude to the Ausso. Apparently dear Mardy was so irate at one point during his match against Alenjandro Falla (which he lost in straights) that he actually spat at fans! It's such a shame - it's like his 2011 season never happened. What's going on witchu Mardy?

We've all seen that video of Baghdatis breaking 4 racquets in a row after his 4 set loss to Stan (hey, 1 for each set!). But was it all a dig the racquet manufacturers? Probably not. But a good effort from Forbes on that story.

Then there was the whole Nalbandian challenge controversy where... oh do I really need to explain it again? Just click here to watch the video. Anywhoo it was most unfair. The call didn't lose Nalby the match though - it just robbed him of an opportunity to win it. But before we crucify Kader Nouni let's remember that he just made a mistake at work. If we had to be investigated every time we made mistakes at work... well we'd just be being investigated a lot. Yeah.

Closing remarks

Peace out.

(Vid: CardCollections on YouTube)

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