Friday, 1 July 2011

HELP HELP!!! (Men's Semi-finals)

Fanatic Omes:

Hello one and all.

OOP today:

Match of the day: guess.

Nerviose. That's what I am. Muzz today has arguably has the best chance he's ever had against Rafa. But if Rafa should lose (: O) whilst I may invevitably cower in the corner of my bathroom floor in the foetal postion and rock back and forth to shake off the events of the day; I will nevertheless find the strength to carry on, as I'll be super happy for Muzz! 

But that's not going to happen >: (


Oh and Nole/Tsonga should be fun. Adje Nole.

(Pic: unknown source - Omes Tennis does not take credit for it)

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