Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ladies Quarters and Rafa Madness

Update!: Rafa is ok! He posted this on his facebook:

"Good morning everybody. Yesterday after the match I went to take an MRI at a London hospital. During the match I thought I had something serious but as the match went through the pain got better and thankfully the tests don't show an injury. Today I will practice at 4.30 pm and I'll play tomorrow. Thanks all for the support."

Egadz! (as Archie would say). No more scares please Rafito. Ok back to watching tennis work.
Hey guys OOP for today:

I'd just like to take the time to say WHAT THE HELL WAS MONDAY ALL ABOUT???? Jeez. I took the meaning of depressed to new heights when Rafa hurt his foot, he looked how he looked in the Ozzie open - it was gut-wrenching! But then he WON : ). Delpo kinda blew it too. Anyway last night he said he'd get back to training today so he must be ok right??? Please please 1000 times please.

Match of the day: Bartoli vs Lisicki - 1st on centre

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