Sunday, 26 June 2011

Just got back from Wimbledon

Fanatic Omes:

So I went to Wimbledon today! I was on court 1 meaning I saw my husband Rafa which is something I long for that was nice. And also Serena – which was an AWESOME sight. The girl can PLIZZAY. And then I saw Tomic take out Soderling. Kids ey?

The public ballot had mercy on us meaning we didn’t have to queue. And of course as a result, we looked upon all the wretched non-tickets holders with disdain and disgust.

We ate too much, fulfilled our predictability quota by indulging in strawberries & cream and Pimms and just generally had a gay ol’ time.

It was almost torturous watching the first set of Rafito’s match because of Ace McGee who was insistent on being the most boring best he could be. He barely let Rafa do his thang. I was face-palming all the way to the strawbs and cream queue. But then the poor sucker dropped the second set tie-break and a large section of him died. Hence the 06 set. But I still maintain Rafa finally managed to get a read on his serve. Possibly because I think the sun shines out of Rafa’s bottom. 

Conclusion: I like that I am a member of this Golden Era and not the one before. I like rallies. They show athleticism, brains and will. None of this serve, serve, serve nonsense. Unless Rafa does it.

My only criticism is the crowd’s loyalties. I know not everyone likes the William sisters but at points in the match there were times when literally my sister and I were the only ones applauding her winners. And then Kirilenko would get roars upon roars, and some even cheered Serena’s mistakes. While I’m totally up for everyone cheering on whomever they deem worthy, I do feel there has to be a level of respect maintained for, I don’t know, perhaps a 4 time Wimbledon champ with 13 Slams in total. I don’t think that’s asking too much. 

Oh yeah and the same was done to Nole (on Murray Mount – yeah it’s Murray Mount for me always.) – homeboys and girls were solely cheering on Bahgdatis. Anyway whatever.

And now I’m having post-Wimbly lows. And I can’t eat my feelings ‘cause I have no food. And worse, there’s that awkward Wimble Sunday of no tennis – where tennis fans wait to die.

Oh Monday how I yearn and pine for you!

More photos after the jump break.

Hi Delpo!..."Hi Omes."


B.I.C.E.P.S - I've missed you.

Eyes on the ball

Look, it's the whole gang! Xisca is just as beautiful from 300m away...sigh.

The champion and challenger...seriously Kiri KEPT challenging calls.

Baggy boo
Idemo Nole!
 (Pics: Omes Tennis)

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