Tuesday, 6 September 2011

US Open: Blather, rinse, repeat.

Fanatic Omes:

- Rafa was still shaky in the first set of his 3rd rounder but Nalba(ckha)ndian played some lights out tennis. I wish Rafa was like Rog in the sense that he can pull confidence out his ass. But that's beside the point. He's showed up during this tournament big time, so you know, vamos. He then brought the dramz with that cramptastic press conference. Rest your weary leg boy.

- Roddick breezed through but it was pointed out the average ranking of his first three opponents was 244 so you know... yeah. But he's looking good no doubt. Good for the confidence and all that.

- Donald Young's still plugging away showing maturity and guts and all that, making his way to the fourth round of Slam for the first time ever. Dirt no longer on shoulder. 

- I mentioned how Delpo running out of gas in his 3rd rounder didn't bode well. Well Andy Murray the II or as people like to know him by, Gilles Simon, ran him to the ground. Simon played that usual grind game and sucked Delpo into it. The Argentine tree seemed to forget he was capable of blasting those crazy winners that got him the title. Oh well. He'll be back.

- Ferrer's been ghosting in nicely, slipping and sliding under the radar. This is impressive - he's coming back from injury. I guess now that Delpo's gone, Ferrer gets the honorary 'dangerous floater' badge.

- Ana Ivanovic's got to be pleased with the way she came out against Serena, what with the question on the twitterverse being: how many games is Serena going to concede? Ana sure showed us that she's one adje-twirl closer to getting back to her best. ReRe didn't bring her best, but then the gale force winds in Ashe didn't help.

- I had the displeasure of missing the 32 point record-breaking breaker between Stosur and Kirilenko as I was wasting my time sleeping. But heard it was epic. Sisters have indeed been doing it for themselves this tournament.

- Ah part I in the chronicles of Mardy and Jo. Jo get's angry with antagonists from Mardy's box. Mardy get's angry with antagonists from Jo's box. The two kiss and make up at the net. It was not unlike an Ashton Kutcher movie. I have to say I'm a little bit surprised - didn't think Fish would fizzle out so emphatically. But he has been playing non-stop since Madrid and admitted he was "spent".

- Pavlyu-check you out, Pavlyuchenkova! Pulled the upset over Fran Schiavone to book a place in her first ever quarters at the USO. I just love the nonchalant look on her face when she plays - like she's queuing up to buy stamps or something.

- In the intimate settings of Armstrong court, Dolgopolov took on Nole in a display which can only be described as a something Monfils would be proud of. The long-haired one would hit those cray cray shots in that beautifully trashy unorthodox style he's got, complete with those excessive, debilitating slice backhands, but then soon after several clusters of his braincells would take their momentary leave of absence. 4-1 up in the first set tiebreak, and with the way he had Nole cornered - he really should have taken that. Anyway in his presser Dolgo gave the impression that he was just there to have fun. And that was the problem - lack of belief. But then again isn't that everybody's problem against Nole these days?

(Vid: xohxxmyx on YouTube)

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