Sunday, 4 September 2011

More US Open musings.

Fanatic Omes:

- Delpo was sublime until he kind of checked out in the third set hitting some cray cray serve and volleys. He seemed to run out of steam at the end, which doesn't bode well, but he's Delpo; he's still dangerous.

- Shock of the tournament Penetta took out Masha, who was still rusty as an old gold chain. The match was breaks and deuces galore, but Penetta just played some inspired tennis, working the important points extremely well. Sadly Masha doesn't seem to have that intimidation factor at all anymore. The bottom half of the draw is now as open as a can of worms.

- Ok the Muzz vs Haase match. I didn’t watch much till the 5th set, as I was following my heart (reads: watching Rafa). But to sum up that was probably the most hilarious, confusing, exhausting, infuriating, ridiculous, atrocious, stupid, silly, discombobulating match in the history of the world. Face was in palm. Lungs were working overtime with laughter. Andy was all giggles at the end. BANANAS.

- It's not just the baby female Americanas making an impression. Give it up for Donald Young! He pushed Stan to 5 sets and crazily enough the wiring in his brain seemed to be set to 'on'  in the final set tiebreak. He held his nerve and held his serve. Good boy.

- Rafa started to look like Rafa again. His winner error ratio was very agreeable indeed 24 - 5. He's still working out the kinks, but working them out no doubt. Mahut retired making it the 1456778th retirement this week. **Update: And then Berdych and Granollers retired tallying it up to 1456780.

- Unfortunately for young Americans Christina McHale and Jack Sock, their elders (Kirilenko and Roddick) felt the need to teach them some discipline. Both got schooled but should pat themselves numerous times on the back.

- Marin Cilic, inspired by the dismantling of two prodigies back to back tried to take it to King Fed. He played some great tennis but just didn't play the important points fantastically. And he wasn't helped by umpire Pascal Maria who frankly, rather ridiculously gave him a time violation on break point down in the middle of his service action (advantage Rog). Having lost a bit of focus he then proceeded to double fault handing Rog the 5-4 lead and the chance to serve out the 3rd set. Not cool Pascal, not cool.

- SerenaGOAT took care of Vika 6-1 5 in what reallllllllly should have been a semi or a final. Much credit to Vika, who played some exhilarating, inspired stuff with an unbelievable resurgence when Serena served for the match in the 2nd set. It was hands down the best set of tennis from the ladies in this USO. With crazy ridonkadonk rallies, these girls were pummelling the ball like it was a piƱata filled with buy one get one free Louboutins. The tough ending gave Serena a good test, which she passed with flying colours and honestly if she goes on like this, I can't see anyone else winning the next few Slams. Probably not even Kimmie.

- Haven't said much about Nole but, I mean, there's nothing else to say. The guy is an alien. Sure, that "pod" is a recovery device. No, Nole it's how you arrived on this earth from planet Xylon500.

(Vid: coreycelt on YouTube)

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