Friday, 9 September 2011

OMG only 3 days left! Hold me.

Fanatic Omes:

- Rafa came back from a 3-0 deficit during the few minutes of play before rain emphatically told us to say hello to its little friend, for a straight sets win. Homeboy was agreeeessive - so at least the whole prospect of 4 best of 5 matches in 4 days was good for something. (Small mercies).

- Adventures were had on Armstrong where Roddick was to play Ferru. Believe it or not a water bubble appeared on court so the guys had to go straight back off. First a ball boy tried to towel it off, then the tournament director himself had a go. It came to that. Anyway after a long wait the boys stepped back on court and a "baffled" Roddo had had enough - he rallied for the match to be moved over to Hawk-eye-less court 13 which has a capacity of, what 500? The players and their entourages then made their way over, the crowd and an ESPN camera followed behind. And hey presto. This was the first time in 9 years that Roddo hadn't played on Ashe. And the power of 13 seemed to work for him. A very focussed Roddo raced to a two set lead, but then a very grindy Ferrer won the 3rd. But then focussed Roddick came back to take it in four. And he was so happy that he walked around the court slapping hi-fives to all. Gotta love.

- Andy Murray taught Donald Young a lesson winning 6-2 6-3 6-3. DY got so peeved at one point that the actually told a fan who was cheering for him to "shut up". Way to turn around perceptions, Young.

- Serena and Pavs traded consecutive breaks till 3 all. Pavs has some serious game. Potential is ridonk. But Serena is Serena. It was an error stricken performance and I'm not gonna not blame her player box, which was full of the Kardashian Krew komplete with Kim, Lala and Ciara.

- The 2-7 head to head reared its ugly head for Bepa, who went out rather emphatically to Stosur. She was just a mental midget and Stosur was on point. Simples.

- Nole and Janko's match was a so much fun for the first 2 sets. It was a damn shame Tipsy had to retire. How dumb would it be if the fact that Nole ground Tipsy like whole peppercorns ruined their chances at the davis Cup this weekend? Woopsies.

- Federer, who beared a striking resemblance to FedererGOAT, bossed Jo-Willy to set up a clash with Nole in the semis. Oops! I think I just drooled.

(Vid: ArjunJethwa on YouTube)

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