Saturday, 11 June 2011

So like, I went to Queens...

Fanatic Omes:

Queuing for long enough to make life-long friends and being treated like vermin at the entrance because for some reason, for about 2 and a half hours only residents to the area were allowed into the site aside,...I had a lovely time.

We arriv-ed at the tournament site, where they were kind enough to dangle the scores of the Rafa/Stepanek in front of our eyes whilst we were being held in the queue. 

With Rafa serving for the match I prayed that he would be a dear and take it to three. So you can imagine the joy when Rafa felt my cosmic synergy and kindly oblidged; so after hustlin’ we got to watch the last set. (I missed Rafa’s fall though.)


I also got to watch James Ward! ‘Twas was a lovely jubbly atmosphere despite the lack of people. And now the former no. 208 has only just gone and made it to the quarters. Vamos James!

Then came the crux of the evening: Rafa’s doubles play was halted due to poor light. And being a freak, I had the foresight to run to one of the court one exits to watch him come out. And then he did! Just can say: why can’t more guys look like Rafa? : (

Then it was home time. :’ (
So I’ll leave you with the inner monologue in my head for the five seconds I saw Rafs up close:

“Oh Rafa’s leaving the court, OMG OMG, let’s run to go see him up close!

Poor Rafa! I can’t imagine being mobbed like all the time. Not to mention people shoving camera phones in your face. I feel so bad. Swarms of people are just following him.

Proceeds to chase Rafa towards the locker room.

I miss Rafa. “

More photos after the jump break. 

(Pics: Omes Tennis) 

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