Friday, 17 June 2011


Fanatic Omes:
  • The draws doth arrive. Just like to point out – 1st round: Isner vs. Mahut. Pahahahahahahahaha. I will now use Rotten Tomatoes’ review of the Hangover II which I believe will depict this impending encounter to a T: “A crueller, darker, raunchier carbon copy of the first instalment, [it] lacks the element of surprise -- and most of the joy -- that helped make the original a hit.”
    Rafa looks like he’ll be OK – we’ll talk at the semis. I won’t bet against another top four semi-finals. But maybe because I don’t bet period.
    Ladies-wise: we got a possible Serena vs MaSha – zoop!
  • Anything on Time is worth reading; most things on Li Na are worth reading. Henceforth.
      • Piece on Nole Mole. Very true that it took just one match for the tennis world to be silent on Nole after the 2nd Slam and freak-streak - and very rapidly. What does a guy have to do be taken seriously? Win Wimbledon? Not yet darling Nole, you can have it in 2014 and then again in 2017.

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