Monday, 13 June 2011

Rain, rain, don't go away...

Fanatic Omes

So it turns out that:

Rain = Boredom = Twitter

Our players had a twit-tastic day that would have made Roland Garros shiver with regret* having discovered the players’ readiness for karaoke.
I don’t think I could do justice to what went down, so I’ll let them tweet for themselves:




Gosh how we love our guys and gals.

In other depressingasIamatworkandcan’bbelievethepriceofthetickets news, Queens’s finals tickets cost a tenner. That’s £10 for you non-UK folk. Go on type that into Google and see how much it is in your currency. 

The online tickets sold out in an hour but the good people at Queen’s reserved 1000 more to be sold at the door. I understand that people had been queuing since 2.00am. (Uh guys, you know it’s a best of three right?)

So the final should begin in about half an hour. There’s no rain in sight, but as discussed earlier that may actually be a bummer.

*RG opted not to do players karaoke this year. Booo.


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