Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Because I can.

Neutral Omes:

Oddly enough, Roland Garros champion Rafael Nadal has taken to practicing on clay in perparation for his title defence at Wimbledon, as there seems to be a lack of grass courts in his hometown of Mallorca. But don't call him crazy just yet. Last year Nadal admitted that during the second week of Wimbledon (when the players have worn down all the grass) the courts actually start to play a lot like clay. And thus we have a method to the madness.

Fanatic Omes:

Why is Rafa practicing on clay for Wimbledon...? Because he can.
As a wannabe/failing/very limited Castellano speaker the language sounds cray cray. But in a good way. Anyone care to translate? 
Side note: I hope they don't start papping Rafa in Mallorca too much!

(Vid: vamosrafelnadal)

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