Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The King's Back!

(Pic: USATgolftennis)


Rafa silenced his critics today after destroying the only man who had the audacity to beat him at Roly G. (Well so far but fingers crossed ey).

I didn't get to watch the match live, but I did get live updates from the kind and crazy kids at nadalnews. I watch it now. Happyforthewin.

Now the big four are in the semis for the first time since....? It was a somewhat strange Roland Garros with menacing Babolat balls, qualifiers here, qualifiers there. But we made it in the end and I'm sure the bosses in Paris are dougie-ing and jerking all the way home.

So to sum up: Federer please take out Noley Noles. Happy for the Muzzard that's he's through for his first semi here. And I love Rafa.

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