Thursday, 2 June 2011

Girls don’t just wanna have fun...they also want to win.

Fanatic Omes:

It’s the semis y’all! On the women’s end; we basically have the equal and exact opposite, but equally exciting happenings of the men. Having said that both batches of semis sum up their respective associations (WTA and ATP) pretty well. Inconsistency (yet competitiveness) for the ladies and dominance for the men.

So we have the first Chinese woman to do lots of things – the resilient and awesome Li Na who’s match is being showed instead of ping pong back in China. Big deal guys, big deal. She will play Sharapova + Sharapova’s shoulder who are bullying their opponents at the moment and have to be the favourite for this thing now. (Right? Righttt?).

Then there’s the, let’s call her – eccentric, Marion Bartolli who fought off some tough competition to seize her place here, versus the reigning champion Schiavone who always shows so much heart that she could make the Care Bears feel ashamed of themselves.  

 Should be a good one guys. Should be a cracker.

(Pics courtesy of livetennis, wta, and Christopher Johnson) 

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