Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Fanatic Omes:

So Head and Nole did this commercial - yes, I know you've seen it - just humour me. Head and Nole did this commercial whereby Nole brung that Masha impression we know he's capable of. It is HIGHLAIR. I don't get bored of Nole's impressions. (I get bored of his winning streaks, but that's a different matter.)

Brava Head! Brava Nole!


The annoyed fist shake at 0:10.
The laughing fit at the end.

Choice quotes:

"It makes me feel beautiful on the court."
"Fanatastic. It's just great, yeah."

I snokered (snorted+ snickered) big time when I watched this. Seriously Nole, NEVER stop showing this side of you. Never ever ever.

(Vid: Head Tennis on YouTube)

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