Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Round One...Fight!


The big four made it past their opening opponents with some style and are looking on course to go deep into the tournament. Federer d. Lopez 63 64 76; Djokovic d. De Bakker 62 61 63; Murray d. q.Prodon 64 61 63 and Nadal d. Isner 64 67 67 63 64.

Of course, the story of the opening round was Isner’s courage as he took Nadal to five sets in scorcher. Both men received a standing ovation from the french crowd. “His serve is almost unstoppable” reflected Rafa. “I just want to congratulate him for this fantastic match”. Rafa admitted that he was too nervous in the tie breaks and that the turning point came when he broke Isner in the fourth; with allowed him to finish off the match with confidence.

Del Potro, Ferrer and Gasquet also safely advanced. The first round was not without its share of upsets though - with Stephane Robert taking out number six seed Tomas Berdych in the biggest win of his career, and Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo dismissing Marin Cilic, whose run of poor form unfortunately continues. For the most part everything finally ended up is as it should have. Round two, here we come.


Fed finshes off, Djoko demolishes, Muzz muscles and Rafa...recovers. You like that? Didn’t think you would. It was poor but I’m on a clock here. I haven’t even had a chance to watch any of the big dog matches ‘cause of work : (. I'm just putting it out there, but I’m guessing the big story of the first round is RAFA ALMOST MAKING ME DIE OF A HEART ATTACK BY GOING TO FIVE SETS IN HIS MATCH. But more about that once I’ve actually seen the match.

I did get to see Gasquet the Haskett serve out his match with some p’zaz – he’s looking good. I also like Monfils’ purple attire. Sucks for Berdych – to think last year he took out the indomitable Novak (from now on I will refer to Nole as this until he loses) and made it to the final at Wimbledon!

And so we begin another second round, my pretties. Let’s hope that Rafito catches a friggin’ break...jeez.

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