Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Rafa's Roland Garros First Round Scare

(Pic: Roland Garros)


Rafa played WONDERFULLY. I mean not the best ever ever. But I was surprised! It's tough drawing Izzo in the first round, he's definitely more of a third round opponent - 'twas actually bad luck for HIM that he got Rafs first. Jisner did play vundaba though, especialmente when you consider his form coming into the tourney!

It was really the break of serve in the second that let Izzie in. But if you think about it, Rafs was only broken once and was silly in the tie breaks – even he admitted that. Well he said he was nervous, but being nervous in tie breaks is silly. (I’ve never been nervous in any of my tie breaks whenever I’ve played them in the slams.)

And it’s hard to break Acey Acerson. Rafs killed his service games and he was able to whip that Babolat ball like it was naughty. I felt he wasn’t really able to do that in the other clay Masters. And he’s moving like a DREAM. His tennis was so beautiful, I actually fancied it. I wanted his tennis to propose to me. Zero unforced errors in the fourth? Are you kidding me??!

I actually think Izzie Iz played him into form; and in a way prepared him for a showdown against the indomitable Novak, should that happen. MUHUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >: D.

Thanks Isner!

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