Saturday, 28 January 2012

Quick semifinal thoughts

Fanatic Omes:

I'm going to make this quick as I am quivering at the thought of the final, I can hardly keep my food down, much less type.

Fedal Fireworks

What can I say? Rafa DEF has his swagger back. He was unpredictable changed direction of the ball nicely - something he was majorly lacking at then end of last year, no? His mind was there in the clutch moments. And hello passing shots! (See video above.) Roger was always there but his ball found the net far too often at far too important moments. He did everything right, but when your guy hits a frankly ridonkadonk MISS-HIT lob and it lands on the baseline, break point down, only for you to smash it into the doubles alley, it's just not your day.

There was naturally some exceptional tennis from the pair of them – this wasn’t a Fedal that was over-hyped. It was thrilling, riveting and truly lived up to expectations. 

Novandy...wait no I prefer Andak

The match started so slow, I actually aged. There seemed to be 4 players and 3 matches out there. Nole vs Nole, Andy vs Andy and Nole vs Andy. At times the match turned cray (for lack of a better word), with questionable shot selections all over the shop - we litch didn’t know what was happening – whether one or both was suffering physically and mentally or d) all of the above.

But the dreadful start was blitzed by the titanic end – there was so much tension, heart and guts. And there was no clear winner till that last game.

Andy has definitely grown - it's safe to say he's arrived mentally. What let him down was that he didn’t take his chances earlier, but he did take some and that's a step up. He is proud and so are we. 

And damn you Nole. You're brilliant.

Closing remarks

It's rare and a privilege to have titanic back to back semis between the world’s best players. It was fun. Now excuse me while I check into Vomitville.
(Vid: ESPN on YouTube)

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