Sunday, 11 September 2011

US Open semi-final blurps.

Novak's box.
Fanatic Omes:

- I can't even talk about the match, I'm so devastated for Rog. 2 sets to 0 up playing lights out tennis, then serving for the match (THAT FOREHAND) only to double-fault to give it away and lose the next service game so his opponent could serve for it and ohhhhhh, it's so sad. Mirka and the girls have some work to do. Rog says he is now "extremely hungry going into Australia" - oh shoot, he's gonna win the damn thing, isn't he?

- Andy just couldn't pull it together against Rafa. Even the upwards of four imaginary friends to berate wasn't enough to lift him. He had a resurrgence in the 3rd, but lack of appropriate wristbands saw him lose his serve at 1-2 in the 4th and that was it. Rafa thought that that was his best match of the year! I thought his best match of the year was the semi at Wimbly...against Andy. Poor fuzzy bear. Oh, and WOOOOOOOOH!

- And so I will try to doge the obvious outcome of these two semi-finals and say, hope everyone had a good weekend. I will be needing a sick-bucket all of Monday.

- Couldn't stay up till after 4am to watch Rere and Wozza (I know, grow up, right?) but heard that the great dane just couldn't cut it against a below par Serena. Well a Serena/Sam final makes sense doesn't it? We got there in the end, even though there was a whole lot of crazy en route. If Sam plays 100% she can bother the big butt-ed one - half a percent less and she's toast.

(Pic: Andrew Ong/USTA)

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