Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The US Open so far - in blather form.

Fanatic Omes:

- Fish swam (I had to) through his match pretty much likeaboss. He came, he saw, he demolished, he probably went home and polished off a can of Bumblebee. Me like-y what me see-y here.

- Harrison failed dismally having lead all through the match and I really don't know why. Maybe the success of his breakout season has finally caught up with him? Or MAYBE HE NEEDS TO CHILL. No one should have a respected commie calling them a 'brat'. Remember when he tried to give Federer advice? Maybe he should take a page out of the GOAT's book and start to control that temper on court.

- Gutsy, courageous - no doubt two words you would've heard Heather Watson being described by when she pushed a crappy Masha to three. What impressed me the most about her was her MIND yo. She was all like: I'm playing Maria Sharapova winner of 3 Slams, no big deal, what are you doing for the rest of the week? She really thought she could win the match (and with the way Masha was playing, I could've probably won the match) and that is what you want to see from youngins. Here's to a bright future Hev.

- We had our first upset of the tournament with Wimbly champ Petra Kvitova. This gives me sadz, I don't like when champions go out emphatically. Especially when I just recently ran my mouth about more WTA consistency. Ahem.

- And then we had our 2nd upset with Li Na bowing out who said she played like the stronger word for poo. And only for the 2nd time in the Open Era, 40 years since the last we have none of the previous Grand Slam winners in the 2nd round of the USO. Which brings me back to dud article on female domination. Jeez can't catch a break.

- We had 2 curses - the curse of the Japanese players with Kei Nishikori, Ayumi Morita and Misaki Doi all bowing out. And the curse of the 5-1 down retirements with Conor Niland and Jamie Hampton both retiring from their matches against Nole and Elena Baltacha respectively.

- Ernie won his match! And convincingly! Shhhh, don't say it out loud.

- Rafa was in and out of focus, actually mostly just out. Golubev lead all the way through the match, but proceeded to choke all the way through the match. Dude has some serious shot-making abilitites, it was almost annoying. And by almost I mean very. Well it was a customary slow start from Rafa. On the plus side the prodigal serve seems to be on its way back home.

- Serena steamrolling through her match isn't news. Her hilarious response to yet another journey back to Foot Fault Gate is.

(Vid: bizbuzz2000 on YouTube)

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