Friday, 15 July 2011

It Must Be Love

Fanatic Omes:

I gotta tell you guys, I'm itching and scratching for the US Open. And not just because I've downed half a pack of peanuts, which I'm slightly allergic to. I often try to ask myself what my favourite Slam is 'cause for me there is no obvious answer. 

I mean the Aussie ends off-season suffering and carries all the 'omg-omg-what's-going-to-happen-this-season' excitement. Then there's Roly G which Rafa WILL NEVER LOSE OK? HE WILL NEVER LOSE >: O so yay for me. And to be fair I love clay court tennis. Then Wimbly which I'm sure I don't have to explain why it's always ballin' and/or pimpin'. 

But the US Open. The US Open. I don't know maybe because it's the last Slam of the year, but I just love when it rolls up. I mean the US Open isn't just a tournament, it's a freaking Oracular Spectacular. And that's because it's American. Americans love their glitz, glamour, hype, mayhem, maddddnessss. So their tennis tournament naturally has to feature all these sorry nouns. 

When you watch it, you're not just watching a tournament, you're watching a TV show. You sit back and wait for all the little sub-stories to unfold until the cresendo of foot-faults and the like breaks out. And then Rafa wins his second trophy. (Sorry, that was my inner-monologue.)

So the Olympus US Open Series kicks off on Monday in Atlanta to wet our appetites; with Montreal and Cincy helping to start piecing back together the small sections of our hearts that had been shattered due to lack of ATP Masters events. But for the month and a half till the US Open begins, we'll be left wondering: which celebrities will show up this time? Will there be a fight? Oh my gosh, where on earth could Venus go with her outfit??

It's gonna be entertaining stuff peoples. 

(Vid: tennis [- seriously])

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